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Hi guys! Thank you so much for coming to my website! I'm going to be honest, I am not the best writing these "about" stories, so I'm just going to keep it simple and ME. My name is Angela, as you may already know. I probably talk too much during my sessions and just want you to have fun and be your dorky selves! (We all have a little bit inside us. Proof of mine and my husband's below). 

2021_08_25_Oaza_Coffee_Stefanie_Parkinson 969.jpg


To capture you as authentically as possible! I am a huge fan of candids (hence, the name). I want you and your fam to feel as comfy as possible and I find giving different actions to do helps with this majorly. So get ready to have some fun. 

Hi, this is me. I do not like having my photo taken. I feel like I get so awkward. So I get it, my camera shy people! 

Meet Buddy! Our 10 y/o rescue we've had since he was 3 m/o. He's a little love bug, but HATES cargo pants and some men. But looooves the ladies. And I loooove when clients add fur babies to their sessions. 

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